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K9 Granola Factory Bed & Bath Soft Paw Vet Aid Animal Skin/Coat Care Foam Vet Aid Animal Wound Care Spray
SOFT PAW is designed to soothe rough, dry skin and cracked paw pads. Fortified with Sweet Almond Oil and containing only the finest ingredients, this formulation will instantly soften and protect your pets precious paws from the environment, road salt, and hot pavements. All Natural ingredients that combine to repair and heal. Use sparingly. Apply a small amount to your pets paws, rubbing gently into the pad until absorbed. As with any paw treatment, please allow a few minutes to penetrate and dry. It may also be applied to hot spots, noses, elbows, cuts and insect bites. Rub excess into own hands leaving them soft and feeling great. Available in several wonderful scents & are safe for both pets and their people!

Essential Oils, Made w/ Aragan Oil, Infused w/ Kaolin Clay, No Mineral Oil, No Sulfates, No Parabens, No Artificial Emulsifiers, No Artificial Fragrances or Color, No Alcohol, No Animal Testing
Vet Aid Sea Salt Derma Foam acts as a natural liquid bandage by protecting the injured tissue while maintaining a healthy environment for healing. The Sea Salt Foam will assist in the restoration of normal dermal conditions while easing the discomfort of skin irritations. The patented Sea Salt Foam contains ingredients that are beneficial in the healing process and help to support the development of strong supple skin in the area of the wound.

• Insect Bites
• Dry Dermatitis
• Hair and Skin Conditioning
• Hot Spots – Superficial & Dry
• Thrush / Pyoderma
• Sunburns
• Non Secreting Wounds
• Acne / Skin Rash Use your fingertips to gently apply foam on desired skin area. Repeat this 3-5 times per day or every 5 hours.
Vet Aid Sea Salt Derma Spray is a hypoallergenic, fragrance free and sterile animal wound care solution that provides immediate soothing relief to a variety of dermatological conditions. The patented Sea Salt Saline is pH balanced and contains natural enzymes to create the optimal healing environment.

• Post Op / Wounds
• Abscesses / Tumor Removal
• Moist Dermatitis
• Declawing
• Hot Spots – Deep & Secreting
• Lacerations
• Rain Rot
• Proud Flesh Spray directly on affected area 4-6 times per day or every 5 hours. For best results, allow solution to absorb into the skin. Do not wipe off.